The Swing 4 Scoot concept was created by Andrew Buckley, Aaron Applefield, and Ryan Thwaites – three close friends of Scott.  The motive behind the concept is to honour their late friend’s memory, maintain his legacy, and to organise events each year to raise funds for community charities, as well as provide financial assistance to his young family.

For the past four years Scott organised an annual golf day for a large group of friends at Victoria Golf Club, where all of the money raised was donated towards cancer research.  On the day of his passing, the three S4S founders made a pact to keep running his yearly golf game.  The following day Andrew presented the idea of adding a baseball game that ran continuously for 100 innings to the event calendar.  The concept has been embraced greatly across social media platforms, as well as the baseball community, with the first event taking place on the 5th of July, 2014.


Scott Carrington was diagnosed with a Stage 4 melanoma at the age of 15.  Being diagnosed with cancer in high school would ordinarily be a lot for a teenager to live with.  Scott took it in his stride.  He excelled in athletics and scholastically, despite heavy bouts of chemotherapy in the years of high school that followed. He competed at a national level in both athletics and baseball during this time, and graduated high school having achieved a high standard of academic excellence.

During the years following high school, Scott went on to study a Bachelor’s degree at university. In 2004 he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and endured countless surgeries and chemotherapy sessions during the years that followed. His outlook on life never changed. He continued to live a normal life outside of his medical issues. He met and fell in love with the girl of his dreams, Ashleigh. He competed in A-grade baseball with the same vigour and intensity that he always did (and finally won that elusive A-grade premiership in 2011).  He worked numerous managerial positions in hospitality.  In 2008, he and Ashleigh travelled to Canada and worked abroad for 8 months – a time that he thoroughly enjoyed and looked back upon fondly.  On his return to Australia in 2009, it was discovered that the cancer from his bowel had now spread to his lung.

As always, he never let any issue pertaining to his health hinder his spirits, as he and Ashleigh were married in November the same year.  In November 2012, Ashleigh gave birth to their beautiful daughter Zara.

Anyone meeting Scott for the first time could be forgiven for not knowing the extent of his medical problems.  Nobody ever heard him complain, or express any form of sorrow relating to the state of his health.  His attitude toward life and the courageous battle he fought for so many years is a truly inspirational story that will live on for many years to come, through groups like Swing 4 Scoot, his family, friends and teammates, and of course through his beautiful daughter.